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Other Books

The rest of the books I have written are now out of print, but, just in case you’re interested, here are the covers of most of them. Some of them may very well be familiar to you, because if you were at school and studied languages in the UK between about 1979 and 2000, there is a very good chance that you used one or more of them in class, for many of them were best-sellers. And, who knows? – there may be some schools where they’re still being used even now!

Reading from left to right, this is what these books are:

Top row:

The British Way (2)(Didier, Belgium 1976), In Your Own Words (Longman, 1979), La Boîte Aux Lettres (Longman, 1980), Comprenez-vous? (2) (Longman, 1982), Let’s Get It Right! (Longman, 1984), Role-Play Practice: French (Longman, 1986), Role-Play Practice: German (Longman, 1986), Role-Play Practice: Spanish (Longman, 1988), Advanced Level Essay Writing: French (Longman 1985), Advanced Level Essay Writing: German (Longman, 1988), Visa 1 (2) (Longman, 1987), Visa 2 (Longman, 1988)

Second row:

Picture Composition: French (Longman, 1986), Talking About Pictures: French (Longman, 1986), Opinions (2) (Longman, 1989), Le Monde En Face (Longman, 1990), La Bonne Affaire (TD Publications 1992), Causeries (TD Publications 1993), Métamorphose (TD Publications 1993), Papillon (TD Publications 1994), Figurez-vous… (TD Publications 1996), Lettres de Léa (TD Publications 1996), The Music Makers (A History of Cheltenham Bach Choir 1946-1996) (TD Publications 1996), Le Conte Est Bon (TD Publications 2002)


Bottom row:

Black and White with Shades of Grey (An Introduction to the Strategy of Test Cricket)(TD Publications 2000)

NB. All but five of the above were co-written with Daphne Jenkins